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Annual Report Design

Annual Report Design

Let KKP help you design a professional and creative annual report!

The purpose of annual reports is to provide a comprehensive summary detailing important information about your company’s activities, and financial performance. These reports can have many different presentations. The most common presentation type for an annual report is the traditional booklet style, containing a lot of technical jargon, tables filled with numbers, and a few graphs. An annual report doesn’t have to be just about boring charts, graphs, and numbers.  As a platform your annual report has the power to influence and inspire readers to learn, invest and take action.

Dedicating time and effort to improve the overall design of your annual report can help increase the readability, engagement, and branding value of this document. A great annual report should be able to narrate the compelling story of your company's past, present, and future. This report needs to convey your aspirations and goals, your company’s organizational culture and your brand values.

Every part of this report should accurately describe important developments that happened throughout the year. It should show successes, learning opportunities, milestones, and highlight important changes. Use your annual report as a marketing piece to help your employees and shareholders have a clearer understanding of your business.

Our designers know what it takes to make your annual report design work hard for your business. With cutting-edge graphic design, our experts can take your average executive report and turn it into an inspiring annual report. At KKP we can help you present your company’s story in a format that will talk to your target audience. We can help you work through the practicalities of choosing fonts, colours, imagery and the finishing touches that will transform the reader’s experience.


These are some of the different types of reports our team has experience designing:

·         Annuals Reports

·         Interim Reports

·         Investor Relations

·         Financial Statements

·         White Papers

No matter what industry you are in, an annual report is a branding opportunity.  We’ll incorporate your team’s personality in the designs and make sure it accurately showcases your brand. To find out how we can help you make a difference, contact us. Our team has experience helping our clients design the annual reports at very affordable prices. Let our KKP creative team help you design a stellar report!


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